Container and Terminal Division

The Container and Terminal Division principal activities include LoLo shipping activities under the Eucon brand and the operation of two container terminals, Dublin Ferryport Terminals and Belfast Container Terminal, within the two main ports on the island of Ireland.


Eucon is the market leader in the sector, operating a fleet of chartered container vessels ranging in size from 750 – 1,000 teu capacity, connecting the Irish ports of Dublin, Cork and Belfast with the Continental ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Eucon deploys 4,500 owned and leased containers (equivalent to 8,100 teu) of varying types thereby offering a full range of services from palletised, project and temperature controlled cargo to Irish and European importers and exporters from all points on the island of Ireland to destinations across 20 European countries.

Dublin Ferryport Terminals

Dublin Ferryport Terminals operates its Dublin Port container facility from a leasehold facility covering over 34 acres. The facilities comprise 480 metres of berths for container ships, with a depth of nine to eleven metres and is equipped with three modern Liebherr gantry cranes (40 tonne capacity) and ten rubber-tyred gantries (40 tonne capacity) on a strategically located site within three kilometres of Dublin city centre and within one kilometre of the Dublin Port Tunnel, providing direct access to Ireland’s motorway network. DFT now operates four electrically operated rubber-tyred gantries incorporating the latest technologies to allow for remote operation. Following the successful deployment of these enviromentally friendly electric rubber-tyred gantries, DFT placed an order for an additional five of these cranes which will be delivered in the second half of 2022. This, along with the relocation of our empty depot facility in January 2022 will increase the capacity of DFT to meet the needs of the market.

Dublin Ferryport Terminals (DFT)

Belfast Container Terminal

Belfast Container Terminal operates the sole container terminal at Belfast under a services concession agreement with Belfast Harbour Commissioners (BHC). This facility comprises of a 27 acre site, equipped with three ship to shore gantry cranes and eight electrically operated rubber-tyred gantry cranes.

Belfast Container Terminal (BCT)

Dublin Ferryport Inland Depot

The Dublin Ferryport Inland Depot became operation in January 2022. The facility will be used for the remote storage, maintenance and upgrade of empty container boxes, releasing valuable capacity for the handling of containers in the port area. The Dublin Inland Port is located adjacent to Dublin Airport with direct access to the M50 Motorway (Dublin Ring Road) and Dublin Port via the Port Tunnel.

Dublin Ferryport Inland Depot (DFID)

Container Routes

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