Our Strategy

Our objective is to achieve continued success in our chosen markets, delivering a safe, reliable, timely, good value and high-quality experience for all our customers in a way that minimises our impact on the environment. We measure our success through the quality of our service, as seen by our customers, which should result in delivering sustained and profitable growth for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Our Strategic Pillars

Quality Service

Investment in quality assets is essential to ensure reliable timely and high quality experience for our customers which are essential to retaining the Group’s pivotal position in Ireland’s international logistics chain.

People & Culture

Our customers’ experience is directly affected through their interaction with our employees and third party contractors.

Financial management

Pursuit of investment opportunities within stringent risk and reward hurdles and avoidance of speculative financial positions.


The operational safety of our vessels and terminal facilities is paramount to maintaining the reputation of our brands which is vital to future success and a strong safety culture is promoted across all activities.


The Group seeks to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment through constant innovation, efficiency and awareness.

Strategy in Action

Decarbonising our Terminal Operations

The Group are setting a target to achieve a 70% emissions reduction in our Dublin (DFT) and Belfast (BCT) terminal operations by 2025, versus 2020 levels. We are also targeting net zero DFT and BCT terminal operations by 2030. Since 2017, there has been significant investment in electrically powered rubber-tyred gantry cranes at DFT and BCT. Company cars are being replaced with electric and hybrid models in line with replacement cycles. Since mid-2020, the electricity supply for our DFT terminal and Dublin offices is certified green, while our Belfast Terminal has been powered by 100 percent green electricity for the last several years.

Green Voyage Program

Rob Mathieson, Irish Ferries’ Operations Manager sets out the background of the Green Voyage initiative. The green voyage program is set up to identify and encourage the most efficient running of our sailings. It is a simple mechanism that scores each sailing on several key criteria including timeliness, efficiency, minimised engine use etc.